The ten Coolest Islands In One Piece’s East Blue, Ranked

Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have traveled far and extensive, visiting numerous islands and areas of their try to assert the One Piece. Whereas the New World and the Grand Line have featured a few of the most wondrous islands, loads of followers overlook to look at the ocean the place Luffy and a number of other of his companions acquired their begins: the East Blue.

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The East Blue would not function the house base to a lot of One Piece’s strongest characters, but a deceiving quantity of the sequence’ strongest pirates began their journies within the space. As such, there are quite a few islands within the ocean with wealthy backgrounds and intriguing compositions.

10 Syrup Village Housed Two Diametrically Opposed Characters

Relative to different areas alongside the Grand Line, Syrup Village is a quaint, unassuming city faraway from the larger conflicts of the world. Nonetheless, unbeknownst to many, it’s residence to the household of Crimson-Haired Shanks’ officer, Yasopp, and one of many East Blue’s most harmful criminals, Kuro.

Captain Kuro and his Black Cat Pirates finally try and overthrow Syrup Village and take its residents’ belongings, solely to be thwarted by the collective efforts of the Straw Hat Pirates. Whereas there may be not a lot else that makes Syrup Village distinctive, its sinister underpinnings and very important historical past relating to Usopp and his father dele make it some of the memorable stops within the East Blue.

9 Goat Island Related Three Unlikely People

Goat Island performed a pivotal position within the lives of three main one piece characters: Luffy, Koby, and Alvida. This location initially solely appeared within the manga; after the discharge of the Episode of Luffy TV particular, it was successfully made a part of the anime’s canon as properly.

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Koby and Alvida referred to as Goat Island residence for a number of years and weren’t for the intervention of Luffy, they might doubtlessly nonetheless be there. No matter its comparatively barren panorama, this island served as the unique assembly spot of a future Yonko, Yonko officer, and Marine Captain.

Buggy the Clown may very properly be essentially the most colourful pirate discovered on your entire Grand Line, so it is solely acceptable that the situation he’s launched in — Orange City — supplies a backdrop worthy of his huge persona. Whereas not very descript, Orange City, situated on the Organ Islands, contains a sprawling, colonial-style cityscape that makes an ideal battleground for his first encounter in opposition to Luffy.

The self-proclaimed arch-enemy of Crimson-Haired Shanks depends on his signature cannon balls, known as Buggy Balls, to deal with most enemies. The widespread format of Orange City is the proper location to showcase their harmful capabilities.

7 Shimotsuki Village’s Backstory Convened With Wano’s Two A long time Later

Eiichiro Oda has spent the final 4 years exploring the lands of Wano, however lengthy earlier than he began writing concerning the samurai-themed island, a unique location was introducing a distinctly Japanese affect to the sequence: Shimotsuki Village. Though Roronoa Zoa’s actual birthplace stays unknown, at the least some a part of his childhood befell on this feudal Japan-inspired locale.

Shimotsuki Village’s calm look belies its storied historical past — the village’s namesake, Shimotsuki Kozaburo, cast two of the 21 Nice Grade Swords, earlier than leaving his residence nation of Wano. After illegally leaving the island 55 years previous to the occasions of the story, Kozaburo relocated to this village, giving it among the finest basis tales in your entire East Blue.

6 The Conomi Islands Supplied The Setting For Nami’s Backstory

one piece followers are possible conversant in the Conomi Islands; they function the setting for the long-lasting Arlong Park arc, revolving round Nami’s makes an attempt to free her village of the tyrannical fish-men. Solely three areas on the islands, Arlong Park, Gosa Village, and Cocoyasi Village, have been proven in the course of the sequence, however every serves because the backdrop for a number of of the arc’s extra memorable moments.

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Arlong’s upheaval of Gosa, Nami’s flashbacks in Cocoyasi Village, and Luffy’s destruction of Arlong Park are all iconic one piece moments. These moments are made attainable by the excellently crafted location during which they happen: the Conomi Islands.

5 The Island Of Uncommon Animals Is A Memorable Fairy Story

Maybe greater than another island within the East Blue, the Island of Uncommon Animals and the narrative of its inhabitants resemble that of a kid’s fairy story — and that’s not a criticism. The mismatched animals, man-stuck-in-a-box gimmick, and heartbreakingly empty treasure chests present in its jungle come throughout as extra of a heart-warming parable than a shonen anime setting, and for that actual motive, it stands out from its friends.

Gaimon and Sarfunkel, the island’s human residents, are caught in a treasure chest and wood barrel, respectively, and share the realm with a big inhabitants of hybrid animals that embody pig-lions, rabbit-snakes, and more unusual mixtures. The Straw Hats’ go to to the Island of Uncommon Animals could also be brief, nevertheless it’s a memorable tour that gives some enjoyable characterization to the East Blue.

4 Shells City’s Distinctive Metropolis Design Stands Out In The East Blue

The Marines’ unfavorable impression on the one piece universe is made painfully evident, due in no small half to early-series visits to areas like Shells City of Yotsuba Island. Giant, energy plant-shaped Marine towers adorn the island’s panorama, every of which is able to taking pictures giant cannons at incoming pirate ships.

Shells City’s defenses seemingly insinuate that the realm is (or, at the least, was) continuously focused by pirates. Nonetheless, as evidenced by Luffy and Zoro, the people truly plaguing the island have been its cowardly Marines and evil commander: Axe-Hand Morgan. This island, together with its eye-catching structure, supplies a few of One Piece’s most direct commentary on the state of the Marines and the World Authorities.

3 Loguetown Marks The Daybreak Of The Golden Age Of Pirates

Loguetown, which includes the overwhelming majority of Polestar Island, was the Straw Hat Pirates’ final cease earlier than coming into the Grand Line. As anticipated of such a landmark location, it generated a sequence of great encounters that also bear weight on the present occasions of the sequence.

Regardless of Luffy’s escapades on Polestar Island, which included run-ins with Marine Captain Smoker, Buggy, and Monkey D. Dragon, it’s best identified for its relevance to the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. Roger was born and executed on the island, and because of his closing phrases from him, this city and island have been immortalized because the birthplace of the Golden Age of Pirates.

two Mirror Ball Island’s Festivities Are Not like Something Else

One Piece’s coolest islands normally match into considered one of two classes: seriously-drawn, lore-intensive storytelling environments or goofy, over-the-top novelties. Mirror Ball Island slots for example of the latter, offering the backdrop for each the wacky featurette, Jango’s Dance Carnivaland the marginally totally different cowl story, Jango’s Dance Paradise.

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Regardless of the slight variations between the 2 narratives, they each focus on Django, the extremely odd hypnotist from the Black Cat Pirates, as he navigates the East Blue’s trendiest location: Mirror Ball Island. Between the attractive metropolis’s design, the dance sequences that includes the Straw Hat Pirate/Marine/Django-filled crowd, and Mirror Ball Island’s joyous general tone, it is simply among the finest islands that Oda has ever created.

1 Daybreak Island Is Dwelling To Some Of The World’s Strongest People

So far as East Blue islands go, arguably none have a richer historical past than that of Daybreak Island. Monkey D. Garp, Dragon, and Luffy all referred to as the situation residence at one level or one other, whereas characters reminiscent of Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, and the Crimson-Haired Pirates additionally spent vital quantities of time on the island.

Because of Oda’s mastery of environmental storytelling, Daybreak Island’s major political pressure, Goa Kingdom — which unnecessarily destroyed Sabo’s residence to impress the World Authorities — and its geography serves as a microcosm for the decaying impact of the oppressive political system. This, together with the number of locales that adorn its panorama, locations it amongst One Piece’s most nuanced environments.

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