Why Luffy’s Bounty Is 3 Billion Berries, Defined

Monkey D. Luffy is among the most infamous pirates on the earth of one piece proper now. Identified to be some of the prodigious pirates ever, Luffy began his journey from the East Blue the place he instantly made himself generally known as an enormous fish in a small pond. Whereas he began as a no person within the sea, by the tip of the saga, he had already defeated the likes of Alvida, Arlong, Don Krieg, and even Buggy. He earned himself a bounty of 30 million berries by the tip of it and rightly so, changing into the meanest man within the East within the course of.


Luffy’s notoriety and infamy solely continues to develop with time. Within the Grand Line, he instantly took down one of many Shichibukai in Crocodile and earned a 100 million berry bounty. Shortly afterwards, he invaded Enies Foyer and defeated the CP9, incomes himself a 300 million berry bounty and after One Piece’s Paramount Conflict, this award was elevated to 400 million. Shortly after the two-year time skip, Luffy defeated one other Shichibukai in Donquixote Doflamingo and earned a 500 million berry bounty. Following the occasions of Entire Cake Island, which befell per week after Doflamingo’s fall, he earned a 1.5 billion berry bounty, and just some extra weeks later, he took down Kaido, one of many Yonko, and earned a 3 billion berry reward on his head. Regardless of every thing, there may be an argument to be made about whether or not Luffy’s bounty ought to have been increased. In any case, he did all of the heavy work within the Wano Nation arc, but his bounty dele is identical as that of Trafalgar Regulation, and Eustass Captain Child.

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The Authorities’s Notion

The occasions of Wano had been big for the world authorities to course of. Shortly after Luffy’s small victory over Large Mother in Entire Cake Island was made public, it was frequent data that Kaido and Large Mother had been quickly going to fulfill. The World Authorities hoped for the 2 to destroy one another, nevertheless, in a stunning flip of occasions, the 2 joined forces as an alternative. The mixed pressure of the 2 Yonko was met by the Worst Technology, which included the likes of Luffy, Zoro, Killer, Child, and Regulation. To the world, this was a combat between the Worst Technology and the 2 Yonko that may outline an period. Much more particularly, it was seen as a combat between the three Worst Technology Captains in Luffy, Regulation, and Child, and the 2 Yonko Captains in Large Mother and Kaido.

To the world, it was the collective effort of the three captains that introduced down two of the Yonko, nevertheless, the reality could not be removed from that. Actually, it was Child and Regulation who teamed as much as deliver down Large Mother. In the meantime, Luffy single-handedly fought Kaido and, by way of a collection of power-ups, introduced him down in battle. If something, Luffy’s bounty ought to be considerably increased than that of Child and Regulation’s but all of them share the identical reward. That is merely right down to the truth that the World Authorities does not know the specifics of how the battle went down. To them, it was the three Worst Technology Captains who introduced down the Yonko. That is additional backed up by the truth that their bounty collectively is 9 billion berries which is simply above Kaido and Large Mother’s 8.9 billion berry collective bounty. Had the Authorities identified that Luffy was the one who defeated Kaido all by himself, his bounty from him would most actually have been increased. Apparently, the lack of know-how on the occasions of the conflict is just not the one motive why Luffy’s bounty is decrease than what it arguably ought to’ve been.

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The Try To Cowl Up Knowlege

It’s no secret that the World Authorities has lately came upon that Luffy is certainly the person of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Additionally they know that this fruit is known, as they tried to seek for it practically 12 years earlier than the present timeline. Due to Shanks, this fruit was stolen from proper underneath their noses and Luffy ended up consuming it. In One Piece chapter 1044, it was revealed that this fruit is one which has been evading the World Authorities for hundreds of years and that its actual title is the Hito Hito no Mi, Mannequin: Nika. Luffy’s fruit was additionally revealed to be a legendary Zoan and one bearing the title of a God in Nika. Moreover, within the Wano Nation arc, it was revealed that Nika was a determine who slaves prayed to as soon as, and, in return, he introduced them happiness and liberated them from their distress and captivity. As such, Luffy is the pure enemy of these of the World Authorities.

His Satan Fruit is most definitely one the powers of which they confronted way back within the Void Century. As such, making Luffy’s true id public data would solely do them extra harm. That is evident from the truth that the World Authorities wished the “D” title to be faraway from his bounty poster from him. Moreover, they wished Luffy’s picture of him, the place he resembled the Solar God Nika, to be faraway from the poster as nicely. Evidently, they wished Luffy’s id to be saved hidden and giving him an enormous bounty that may eclipse the likes of Shanks and even the likes of Large Mother and Kaido would solely entice extra consideration in direction of him and make it clear that he’s somebody particular.

Together with that, it additionally makes narrative sense for Luffy’s bounty to be 3 billion berries. Luffy has not but reached his peak as a pirate, although he has now ascended to being a Nice Pirate. He is prone to obtain extra bounties sooner or later and, for that motive, his bounty is saved comparatively decrease. Actually, Luffy having the legendary Hito Hito no Mi, Mannequin: Nika and awakening his powers dele, together with being the primary foe of the World Authorities alone ought to give him a a lot increased bounty. Nevertheless, preserving that info hidden is what the World Authorities intends to do. For these causes, Luffy’s bounty is 3 billion berries for the time being.

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